Realtors Slash Fees in Hot GTA Market

Detached single family home prices in Toronto rose to beyond $1.5M in February of this year, and given the sky high prices real estate brokers have become more flexible to discount their commission rates down to 1 percent. Additionally, discount brokers can also include more services than they have historically, while this wasn't as economical in years prior. Generally speaking agreements will include listing on the MLS, negotiations, and contract; but marketing services such as photography or staging may not be included or may be of reduced quality with a discount broker. Furthermore, it should be noted that higher commission agents are generally more experienced, but this isn’t a hard an

Covered Call Income Strategy

Writing covered call options is a method to earn additional income utilizing stocks you already own in your portfolio. For example, say you own 100 shares of company XYZ which you purchased for $45 per share. In January you think the stock won’t go up much so you write a call option expiring in 120 days with a strike price of $55 for a fee of $2 per share less a commission of $10. You would therefore collect $190 (100 shares x $2 per share - $10.00 commission) at the time of writing the option. If the stock price remains below $55 you would keep both the $190 and your stocks, but if the stock rises above $55 within 120 days the stock option could be exercised meaning you would have to sell


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