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Axum Holdings Inc.

Axum is a private investment holding company founded in 2012.  The objective of Axum through its diversified holdings is to produce steady cash flow as well as long term shareholder value.


Detached single family home prices in Toronto rose to beyond $1.5M in February of this year, and given the sky high prices real estate brokers have become more flexible to discount their commission rates down to 1 percent.  Additionally, discount brokers can also inclu...

In Part 1 of this article we discussed the pros and cons of hiring a general contractor.  For those who would rather be their own project manager this article discusses the pros and cons of going that route:


  1. Greater control over the job site and the work that is...

If you are doing a property re-model you’ll need to decide whether you want to use a general contractor to manage your project or to take on the role of project manager yourself.  In order to assist in your decision below are some pros and cons of using a Good General...

A foreclosure is when a bank or lender gains ownership or control of the right to sell a property in order to pay off the mortgage as well as legal fees, commission, property taxes etc.  There are no warranties with a foreclosure sale and properties are sold in “as-is”...

This is not to bash home ownership. Relative to renting it’s often a better long term option and there is also an emotional component to home ownership. That said personal use property is not an investment and you should not stretch yourself financially to buy a bigger...

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