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  • Elias Zeekeh, MBA, CPA, CMA

Developing a Personal Mission Statement

Developing a personal mission statement is a way to focus yourself on the character you want to be, and what you want to achieve. It also helps to define the core values, which are parameters to work within while achieving these goals. Your mission statement should be constant such as a constitution of a country, which is the core principles that a nation uses as the basis for its domestic and foreign policies. Your personal mission statement will be the standard by which all things are to be evaluated and this can be helpful in the face of making both minor and major life altering decisions.

For example,

  • If your mission statement prioritizes home life first, this would be the basis on which pursuing or accepting a promotion could be based.

  • If your mission statement prioritizes honesty and truthfulness, this could mean telling a friend about their short coming when they ask for relationship advice.

  • If your personal mission statement prioritizes learning something new every year, this could be giving up watching football on Sunday to learn a musical instrument.

In conclusion, having a stated and prioritized mission statement helps to create an alignment between your thoughts and your actions. Having conflict between thoughts and actions creates an imbalance that leads to suffering and anguish. It will take some time and effort to define your mission statement, but it is well worth it. By taking this action it is a giant step towards living life on your terms rather than the terms of other people.

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