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Axum is a private investment holding company. The company was founded in 2012 by President Elias Zeekeh, and has been under present management since this time.


The objective of Axum through its diversified holdings is to produce steady cash flow as well as long term shareholder value. In order to reach this objective the company follows a disciplined investment strategy based on its core principle of low risk value investing in the areas of public equities, digital assets, and real estate.

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Axum owns equities focusing on a balance between stable dividend growers such as Rogers Communications and Enbridge, and leading companies in secular growth industries such as Teledoc and Shopify.

Our investment approach can be generally categorized as the barbell strategy which focuses on dividing investments into two baskets.  Extremely safe investments, and then more speculative leveraged high growth investments.

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Digital Assets

We believe blockchain technology will be transformational in a number of industries including decentralized finance, healthcare, and transportation. 

Furthermore, we invest in Digital Assets as an inflation hedge with governments around the world engaged in a record amount of monetary stimulus, which has accelerated dramatically over the past decade.

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Real Estate

Axum owns Residential Real Estate in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  Our portfolio consists of urban 1-2 bedroom apartments and suburban 3 bedroom townhomes.

Our main strategy can generally be categorized as BRRRR which stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat.  We are focused on providing quality mid market housing at an affordable price.

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