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The Axum Group of companies were initially founded in 2012 with an initially focus on long flip real estate strategies in South Western Ontario, Canada.  Since then the company has gradually diversified into alternative investment including Public Equities, Private Equities, and Digital Assets.

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Real Estate

  • Axum Investments incorporated as a personal holding company focusing on single family and small multi-family investment in Hamilton, Ontario.


Public Equities

  • Personal holding company re-structured in 2016 under parent company Axum Holdings Inc. and began investing in equities to improve liquidity.  Equity returns in Excess of 40 percent per annum since inception.


Digital Assets

  • Holdings diversified into digital assets in Q2 2020 with the onset of the global pandemic.


Joint Ventures

  • Axum Real Estate Group is established as a standalone entity for the purpose of joint venture real estate investments.

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