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  • Elias Zeekeh, MBA, CPA, CMA

Is the Law of Attraction Naive

The law of attraction has been discussed at length by many in the new age movement. It states that your mind is like a powerful magnet, capable of bringing your thoughts into existence. Therefore, to bring positive change into your life change your thoughts. In the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne this is described as the difference between the rich and powerful and the weak and powerless. This is a common theme discussed in new age thinking, but is it true? Can you simply use your thoughts to bring positive changes into your life?

The law of attraction is attractive due to its simplicity in the same way that diet pills or a fad diet can be attractive to solve a weight problem. Diet pills or a fad diet can help to lose weight in the short term, but have little impact long term without proper exercise. What proponents of the law of attraction don’t state strongly enough is that positive thoughts mean nothing if you don’t take action. If you think about it from a practical standpoint it is self-evident, and discussing the law of attraction in isolation is naïve.

Taking positive actions will eventually yield positive results and this will help to further reinforce your positive thoughts. You will build a mental momentum that will make it easier when striving towards future goals. Think back to a time in your life when there was congruence between your thoughts and your actions? Did you see positive results? How did you feel afterwards? The key message is that there is no substitute for hard work; follow up your thoughts with massive action and “make your own luck”.

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